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booking Christopher Boscole pianist


You can bring Christopher Boscole to your town for a very special  piano concert performance.

This can be a private event, or a public event with admission or donations. This could be in your own home, or other venue such as your church or even your local music piano store. Christopher enjoys traveling, and appreciates the opportunity to share his music in front of a new audience of your friends and family. So one of the most important things is inviting everyone you know and getting the word out to maybe some you don't us for some easy promotion ideas. In almost 30 years Christopher has performed wherever there is a piano: from restaurants, bars, and clubs, to churches, schools, festivals, concerts, and also on ships/boats. He is a veteran musician, and in addition to performing his original music is experienced  as a versatile piano man for a variety of events, cocktail and dinner parties, background music, weddings and corporate events.    

The fee/cost of doing this can vary depending upon a variety of factors which usually depend upon  travel costs, total time involved, lodging, geographic location, and the piano. You see, you can help make this affordable for everyone. If you can help by referring us to other possible performance opportunities, we may be able to combine your event with others nearby and make a mini tour of your region during that time frame which could lower travel costs per event and produce a win-win outcome.Christopher also is a music educator, and can teach master classes, clinics or even individual music lessons if close to the performance date. If you have an extra bedroom/place to stay that can also reduce lodging costs. Non smoking healthy environments please.  

When performing his original music, Christopher also appreciates, of course, the opportunity to sell his CD's and music books. Christopher is also a “Whisperings” artist,  see the Whisperings website for sponsoring a Whisperings combined event consisting of Christopher and several fine original pianists.  Please call or email with your performance request and include as much information about your event in mind or if you just have a suggestion for a good place near you where Christopher may perform.   Thanks for your interest in sharing the music!

The piano
An acoustic piano is preferred that is in good condition and has been recently tuned, although an electric keyboard with weighted action that is properly amplified can be acceptable especially in unique circumstances such as outdoors or on a boat. If you know of a very good quality concert grand piano in your area, perhaps consider having the performance in that location or venue, or contact us if you would like help finding a piano/keyboard in your area that could be rented.  


Christopher has produced a multi-media show that includes several hundred breath taking pictures of nature and sailing adventures from the Pacific Northwest to Hawaii.  This slide show projects from computer via a projection system to screen on stage while he performs inspirational piano music. 

Christopher can also speak about these adventures afloat and afoot including the challenges and rewards of following one's dreams in life.     

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Suggest a performance location to Christopher Boscole" or recommend a venue where Christopher Boscole should perform. Please email him here.


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