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Inner Voyages


Original and innovative solo piano compositions and improvisations in the new age, jazz, and neoclassical styles. Meditative, inspirational, and contemplative, the melodies become more familar to warm your heart with each listen.

Composed, Recorded and Produced by Christopher Boscole
Total duration: 65:22

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author: Riki / Mystic Living Today
"The music is very flowing and magical and it warmed my heart."

author: Carolyn Fierro
"Christopher is incredibly talented and it shows in all his work. Inner Voyages really took me on one."

author: Raj Manoharan
Christopher Boscole Journeys to the Center of the Heart on Inner Voyages

"As the title and the cover artwork – a lone figure rowing a canoe in the middle of a vast sea – suggest, Christopher Boscole’s latest collection of solo piano recordings takes listeners on a quiet excursion into the deep solitude of the soul.

Boscole’s intent here is not to impress with his range and ambidexterity, but to gently transport the audience to another dimension beyond the visceral and tangible. Boscole succeeds greatly in his desire to create a musical buffer zone of dreaminess, transcendence, and imagination.

While the whole album is soft and gentle in feel, it really sojourns into otherworldly realms in the second half. "Princess Taiping" has a slightly Oriental affect to its airy chords; "Land of Sea and Sky" and "Sea of Spirits" conjure the mysticism of water and air; "Memories of Satie" is an appropriate tribute to the minimalist composer.

The most affecting track on the album is "Om." While it does not remind me anything of the Buddhist utterance, it comes the closest of any cut on the album to being pure New Age jazz, and, as a result, it becomes a spiritual meditation of its own. Set against swirling clouds of piano chords, Boscole’s lead piano line seems to be in search of a melody, slowly and steadily constructing one as it goes along. Whether deliberate or not, this makes the tune very much in the spirit of improvisation and makes it a fitting metaphor for anyone’s personal journey, whatever it may be.

There’s plenty on this disc to keep lovers of solo piano music, New Age, and jazz engaged and enlightened."

author: Kathy Parsons /
"Inner Voyages is pianist/composer Christopher Boscole’s seventh solo piano release, following his very successful Presents of Angels. Boscole is a classically-trained pianist with a background in jazz and improvisational styles. He has been an educator and performing pianist for more than twenty years, and obviously feels completely at one with his piano. Blending a wide range of musical influences with his very impressive playing style, Boscole has the musicianship to express whatever he chooses at the piano and the sensibility to "keep it simple" when the music calls for it.

"A Melody In My Heart" begins our voyage with a smooth, lyrical piece that exudes warmth and contentment. The title track is much more complex, with a left hand in constant rapid rolling motion and the right hand expressing a slow, dreamy melody —the contrasts are fascinating! "Heart of Romance" is a tender, graceful love song that evokes images of slow dancers and flowing gowns.

"The Ice Skater" is one of my favorites. A piece with a Russian flavor, it alternates between a smooth, fluid style and flashy, sparkling one—much like the contrasts of a skater’s routine. "Princess Taiping" has a Chinese sound and is named for either The Tang Dynasty’s "Princess of Peace" or the replica of a Ming Dynasty junk built to sail from China to the US and back, but that sank shortly before it reached its final destination in April 2009. Very flowing and relaxed, it’s an elegant musical story either way.

"Land of Sea and Sky" is another favorite. My impression is that the left hand is depicting the rolling wave motion of the sea while the right hand is the more solid earth—beautiful!

I also really like "Memories of Satie." It begins with a variation on Satie’s "Gymnopedies," and evolves from there, suggesting the original, but going in different melodic directions—a very effective tribute!

My favorite track, "Cry of the Birds" is darker and more impressionistic. With the freedom and expression of a passionate improvisation, Boscole creates a vivid musical picture.

"Suite Sunrise" depicts sparkling sunlight dancing on water as the sun slowly rises and sets the world aglow. And so ends our "inner voyage"—at least for now.

Inner Voyages is a great choice for those who like solo piano with substance and exceptional playing. It is available from Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Check it out!"

author: John P. Olsen / NewAgeMusicWorld.Com
"Close your eyes then imagine a gentle breeze and warm sunshine against your skin. Add in the beautiful sights, sounds, and pleasing aroma of your surrounding environment so that when everything is considered, makes a memorable day you could term sensational.

This scenario could easily place everyone in many favorite pastimes, but for one concert pianist who enjoys sailing the warm oceanic waters in Hawaii, this description closely matches the wonderful sensations realized while contemplating his next piano album.

Christopher Boscole is the classically trained pianist, composer, and musician where genre’s of New Age, Jazz, folk, and Neo Classical piano, are just some of the elementary influences of his inner expressions as a pianist finding new enlightenment while recalling his personal experiences.

Christopher’s educational achievements run deep, having a Bachelor of Arts in music as a professional music educator performing for over 20 years now that expectedly incorporates his scholastic abilities of quality. He is also a Master of Music in Studio Music, Jazz, and holds a Master in Teaching degree, also serving tenure as a piano teacher, concert band director, and church accompanist, all of which nicely reinforce his level of expertise.

Inner Voyages is the 2010 release by Christopher Boscole, where after the return trip home to his concert piano, inner recollections and creative observations from voyages of the day are transposed to sheet music for our enjoyment. These creative inspirations that are drawn from a favorite pastime greatly show original piano compositions as positive memories, and where his freestyle music readily equates these recollections a truly memorable experience for the listener.

A Melody in My Heart & Title Song Inner Voyages makes wonderful first preludes into the total of 12 songs showing inner expressions in a primarily moderate tempo recounted as an uplifting time of restful retreat and overall pleasing experience.

Heart of Romance share mid range moments of calming ambience with very upper octaves during the final touches, while Spanish Dreamer in a more stirring melody, closely matches the joyful atmosphere of the moment by classic chords journey up and down the note filled landscape.

Land of Sea and Sky gives breezier moments that smoothly glide in contrasting horizons of calm, where Sea of Spirits reflects leisurely back and forth steps in the scales in notes that give the feeling of time well spent by the song’s more inward introspection.

Cry of the Birds in lingering moments, nicely correspond with key notes that similarly mimic sound imagery of the environment, and Suite Sunrise, has pondering contemplations by a singular key melody paired with upper octave trills where by effect, give a shimmering tint to the open flight of his personal experiences.

Christopher Boscole readily shows much versatility by his prior piano compositions totaling 7 albums. September Songs & Land Of Music are Contemporary Instrumental, while Shimmer, O Christmas Tree, & Presents Of Angels are Solo Piano, with nominations in 2 categories at ZMR. His Jazz influenced album Natural Instincts combines talents with great performers in the Instrumental Jazz category, and is a nice selection too.

Inner Voyages is an album where calmer winds and tides prevail during Christopher’s recollections. You will find the audible sensations closely match expectations one would discover if they were sitting right beside this music professional while he navigates the warm calm waters of his sensational inner piano compositions."

author: Patrick Van de Wiele / Keys & Chords
"Original piano music, with elements of folk, New Age, classical and jazz.

This independent musician, who has been active for over twenty years, is also a  fierce sailor, naturalist and nature photographer, and the influence of water is reflected in his music. He combines elements of folk, New Age, classical and jazz, and the result is meditative music.

Late last year he released "O Christmas Tree: Solo Piano" again, and earned a nomination (  His previous album "Presents of Angels" climbed to one of the highest positions on the charts. The music on this CD is new again—dreamy, atmospheric, simple, and has a relaxing and meditative feel. They are all original tracks, using beautiful nature pictures. 

"A Melody in My Heart" sounds like an inner expression, and listening to the music helps to relax. The title track continues in the same style as you go sliding on calm, warm waters. Christopher himself thinks his music is a contemporary form of  classical piano pieces by Debussy and Satie."



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